Zucchini Julienne

This is a recent discovery and exceptionally good.

Using a mandoline or as I do, a Titan Shredder or whatever will produce tiny long shreds, peel/shred the outer skin of zucchini. This is especially rewarding if you have allowed zucchini to get too large in the garden. You can just use the outer green layer or go a bit deeper, with a second pass but avoid the mushy core with all the seeds. I guess the amount I got out of our zucchini was about 4 - 5 cups. Enough to loosely fill a 12 inch sauté pan.

Sauté/toss in a large pan with butter and a little garlic and salt. As the zucchini begins to wilt and is nearly done, pour in about a quarter cup of cream. Or, to be more health conscious, use olive oil and omit the butter and cream.