Stir Frying Vegetables

I use a wok and highest heat for this, so the veggies don't get all wilty. You may need to do this is small batches to allow rapid cooking and prevent unintentional steaming.

Possible vegetables to cook alone or in any combination:

Bean sprouts


Snow Peas

Broccoli, florettes

Zucchini, seeded and cut in spears

Leeks, tender white part, sliced

Cabbage - Bok Choy etc., chopped

Mushrooms - fresh, or reconstituted dry shiitakes

Celery, sliced

Onions, sliced or diced

Carrots (cut small or julienne to allow more rapid cooking)

Baby Corn fresh or canned

Bamboo shoots, canned

Water chestnuts, canned

Tofu, cubed

Bell Pepper, sliced or diced

Fresh ginger - about a half inch chunk, peeled and grated, OR use the stuff in a tube, OR frozen cubes. Not dried.

Soy sauce

Peanut oil for frying, just a splash for most veggies.

Marinate cubed firm tofu in grated fresh ginger and soy sauce while preparing the other vegetables. It has no flavor of its own as far as I can tell.

Add soy sauce and ginger to other ingredients to taste during cooking.

The main thing is not to overload the wok, or everything will be too limp and wet. So cook a couple of items at a time and remove from the wok and combine before serving.

Obviously, cooking the hard vegetables first is best. Onions, celery, broccoli, carrots and bell pepper, need more time than canned stuff, tofu, green onions, frozen peas, and squash.

Cook mushrooms separately. Add soy sauce as you go along.