Deep Dish Pizza

This is Kenji's from followed closely, but with our minor mods included, and the main points reprinted here in case the site vanishes. Best to read through the whole thing, the details are worthwhile.

The dough:

400g bread flour (14 ounces; about 2 1/2 cups), plus more for dusting

10g kosher salt (0.35 ounces; about 2 teaspoons), plus more for sprinkling

4g instant yeast (0.15 ounces; about 1 teaspoon), such as SAF Instant Yeast* (see notes below)

275g water (9.5 ounces; about 1 cup plus 3 tablespoons)* (see notes below)

8g extra-virgin olive oil (0.25 ounces; about 2 teaspoons)

Hand-mix the dough in a BIG bowl and cover tightly with saran wrap for 8 hours at room temperature (no warmer than 75°F) for 8 hours minimum. It should inflate a lot.

Olive-oil the pans and form dough into two even balls* (see notes below), coat them well in the oil and smush slightly in the pans, cover with plastic wrap and leave out for another two hours.

Flatten and press the dough to the edges of the pans, making sure to pop bubbles on top AND bottom. Top with everything and cook at 550°F* (see notes below)

Our notes:

We didn't have instant yeast so we used about half a packet of the regular kind, with half a teaspoon of sugar and ~1/8cup of warm (100-110°F) water per the packet instructions and waited a few minutes til it was foamy. Then reduced the water in the dough by a tiny bit to account for that.

We divided the dough not quite in half, because we used a 10" and a 12" pan to make two otherwise-identical pizzas. 

We used the Stonewall Truffle Marinara sauce, a brick of Monterey Jack, half a pound of cooked hot sausage, and half an onion + half a bell pepper diced + a clove of minced garlic, cooked with the sausage beforehand. We also thin-sliced a tomato and laid the slices on top of the rest. 

We cooked them together at 500°F (oven's max) for longer (17 minutes,) then a few minutes longer over burners to brown the undersides.

When we did bacon leek pizza we prebaked the crust for 13 minutes, topped it, then baked 5 more minutes.