Flounder or Sole en Papillote

This is an elegant name for cooking fish in parchment paper. If you leave out the butter it is a good low fat dish. But as you know, that’s just not my style.

I used to have this at the Pacific Cafe in San Francisco. They use Halibut. It’s easy if you can get the hang of folding the paper. Resist the urge to use a stapler.

Place a fillet on a large heart shaped piece of parchment. Fold and cut the paper so it is symmetrical when opened and big enough for the filet with about a half inch margin for folding.

Place a fillet on the paper near the fold, dot with butter and sprinkle with salt, pepper, chopped parsley and thyme. Fold over so it’s a half a heart. Carefully crimp and fold the edges of the parchment to seal it starting at what would be the top of the heart, taking tiny folds and twisting as you go toward the point.

Paint parchment with melted butter and bake at 400º for 15 minutes. Serve in the paper and let your guests open the packages at the table. You can do this with foil but it’s not as elegant. Also you can add paper thin onion or other vegetables to the packet.