Bacon Leek Pizza

Cross-filed under Pork I guess. 

- 3 leeks, white bottom parts only, sliced pretty thin and rinsed/separated

- 5 strips of bacon, cooked and crumbled into bits

- half a brick of Monterey jack cheese, grated (or mozzarella if preferred)

- mascarpone

- fresh black pepper

- a crust** with home made: 

(cook on steel 45 minutes preheated at 500 convection - pre bake 3 minutes, bake 7 minutes)

Sautée the leeks in butter low and slow til they're nearly liquefied. Pre-bake the crust as usual, then spread a thin layer of mascarpone as though it's sauce. Add freshly ground black pepper. Then top with grated cheese, then leeks and bacon. Bake per crust directions or until cheese is slightly golden at edges. 

- Vince and Deidre