Crunch Salad w Ramen Noodles

Deidre made this and said it came from the Internet or whatever but the recipes I found were all too different, so this is Deidre's salad now.

Ramen noodles

Sliced almond

Sesame seeds


Sesame oil

Rice vinegar

Soy sauce


Bok choy

Green onions

Crunch up ramen noodles in package first, then lightly fry in sesame oil along with slivered almonds and sesame seeds til toasty. Add some chopped garlic towards the end.

Make up a dressing of rice vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, and a little sugar

Chop up bok choy and green onions and add the dressing and crunchy bits. They will begin to absorb moisture so do that just before serving.

Deidre added: If I didn't have to cook for kids ("it's too spicy!!! whine whine whine") I would throw in some red pepper flakes or sambal oelek. As it is, I dump some sambal on my own plate.