Marshmallow Sauce for Fruit

This sauce was always served at The Nut Tree Restaurant in Fairfield, California with the fresh sliced pineapple appetizer. The pineapple was presented so it appeared whole. This sauce is lovely stuff with any fresh fruit. I often combine strawberries, pineapple and at the last moment, sliced bananas. Sauce is served separately.

I’ve been making this for years without looking at the original recipe, so this is approximate, but you can’t go wrong.

1 small jar of marshmallow cream

About 3/4 cup mayonnaise

About 2 teaspoons honey

About 1 teaspoon vanilla

About 2 -3 tablespoons orange juice

About 1 teaspoon grated fresh orange peel

Using just one beater in a hand held mixer, beat down the marshmallow cream right in the jar, to make room for the other ingredients.

Add all the other ingredients, one at a time, beating in between additions. Scrape the jar with a plastic spatula, mix a while longer, store in the jar, in the fridge.

To prepare the pineapple:

Cut the top and bottom off a fresh ripe pineapple. Save the top; discard the bottom You now have a cylinder of pineapple. Using a long serrated knife, that will reach all the way from top to bottom and beyond, carefully cut the skin away from the fruit without damaging the skin. Remove the cylinder of fruit, pick off any rough bits, slice, realign stack of slices and carefully slip the skin back over the sliced fruit and replace the top. Serve sauce in a small pitcher.

- Nut Tree Restaurant