Deep Fried Turkey

We did this one Thanksgiving with Lonny and Carlin. Very messy, but good. We didn't follow the recipe exactly. We had a propane cooker, a giant stock pot, and Phi made a T shaped bar out of chrome tubing to run through the turkey so we could lift it in and out of the pot. So we really just adapted the following to suit our existing equipment.

Equipment -

Outdoor Gas Cooker fueled by propane.

A long-stemmed deep fry thermometer. A thermometer must be used to maintain proper oil temperature.

Huge stock pot

Basket with grab hook or T-bar to lift the bird in and out of the boiling oil


* Turkey, up to 16 pounds

* Peanut oil: for a 10-12 LB. turkey use 1 - 2 gallons, 13-16 LB. use 2 - 3 gallons - If uncertain about how much peanut oil to use, place turkey in pot and fill with water until turkey is covered. The amount of water used corresponds to the amount of oil needed. (Peanut oil is stable at high heat and also remains clear longer.)

* Seasonings: salt and pepper or a Cajun seasoning.

* Optional - Marinade for injecting into turkey.


* Allow turkey to thaw completely.

* Clean and dry turkey inside and out; remove giblets and neck, and trim away all excess fat. Make sure opening around the neck is clear.

* Rub turkey with seasonings.

Optional: if using a marinade, inject into turkey at two points on the breast and on the thighs.

* Place turkey upside down on rack, with legs facing up.


* Following instructions, light the gas cooker and set at a low flame.

* Pour peanut oil into pot and attach thermometer to the top edge, making sure the stem of the thermometer is as far down as possible without touching the bottom of the pot.

* Carefully place the pot on the cooker and adjust the flame higher, but do not put it at full blast.

* Heat oil to 325º. Depending on the amount of oil used, it may take from 15 to 20 minutes for the oil to reach 325º.

Caution: When turkey is lowered into the hot oil, it will cause the oil to splatter. This can cause severe burns; therefore, we recommend wearing work gloves, a long-sleeved shirt, and safety goggles (Serious).

* When oil reaches 325º, reduce heat.

* Attach grab hook to the top loop of the rack. Very slowly and carefully lower turkey into pot.

* Remove grab hook from rack

* Inserting the turkey will reduce the temperature of the oil.

Slowly increase the heat so that the temperature of the oil will come back to 325 - 350 degrees. This will take several minutes. Monitor the thermometer to maintain this temperature. (Windy conditions may prevent the temperature from returning to 325º. If so, add 3-4 minutes to overall cooking time.

* Fry turkey for 3 - 4 minutes per pound or until golden brown. (Ex. a 15-pound turkey will take between 45 and 53 minutes to cook.)

Note: While cooking, hot oil will spew up through the turkey's body like a fountain.

Caution: Turkey must be monitored at all times. Do not leave pot and cooker unattended while in use. Do not use lid while frying.

* When turkey is done, turn cooker off at tank. Leaving pot on cooker, place grab hook through top loop of the rack and very carefully remove rack from pot.

* Place rack with turkey on absorbent paper and allow turkey to drain for a few minutes.

* Carefully remove turkey from rack and place on platter. Enjoy!