Green plantains

Corn oil or peanut oil



Peeling the plantains - Cut the ends off then make three slits along the side of the plantain then try to peel back with the help of your knife or loosen in between the slits with the knife and peel away. Use only green plantains.

Once the plantain is peeled, then cut into one inch wheels. Fill small frying pan with oil and set stove at medium. Once oil is fairly hot begin to put plantains in slowly. You might want to lower the temperature of the stove a little. Use a fork to turn each piece over periodically and to also check if plantain is soft in the middle.

Once each piece has reached a nice yellow color and you’re able to put the fork through them, then take them all out as quickly as possible on to a paper towel so it may soak up most of the oil.

Turn the temperature up all the way while you mash (flatten) the plantains individually with a TOSTONERA (you can also use a can of beans or tuna), once mashed you introduce them back into the

frying pan until crisp, almost a golden color and fully cooked, then take them out onto a napkin or paper towel over a plate to drain excess oil.

Sprinkle salt over the tostones and serve.

Tostones can be eaten with ketchup or the following sauces:

Garlic Sauce - Mash one to two teeth of garlic until like a paste then put into a cup with a tablespoon of butter and a pinch of Adobo Goya put into microwave until butter has melted then serve. Guests may choose whether or not to put garlic sauce on their Tostones.

Garlic Vinegar Sauce - This is an alternative sauce. Mash one to two teeth of garlic to a paste then put into a serving cup and pour two caps of vinegar and two caps of olive oil (or corn oil) and serve as a side dish.

Bon Apetite,