Low Country Boil

The basic idea here is to get potatoes, corn on the cob, shrimp, onions, celery and sometimes tomatoes and boil them together.

Trick is: The order.

Big pot of boiling water, seasoned with Old Bay or other “seafood” boil.

Ingredients in order of additions:

Potatoes: Small red or white, cut in half. About 2 red or 1 big white per person.

Onions: 1 - 2 per person, whole or half

Celery: Chopped into 1 inch pieces. Some per person - to taste

Corn: 1 cob per person, cut in half (more if you want)

Shrimp: 1/4 lb. per person, shells on

Tomatoes: Canned or fresh for flavor with shrimp

Potatoes, onions, celery, cook for 20 minutes, then add shrimp and corn. Cook for 5 - 7 minutes. Check for seasonings and serve.