Fried Rice

Mom used to make fried rice when she already had some cooked leftovers.

Sauté vegetables, using peanut oil. Include any of the following:


white or yellow onions

water chestnuts

snow peas

cooked shrimp

cooked beef


cooked bacon

raw or cooked chicken

bell pepper

scrambled egg

bean sprouts

cooked or frozen green peas

snow peas

sugar snap peas


Toss in wok with cooked white rice and soy sauce. Add raw chopped green onions.

Note: Certain vegetables take longer than others to cook. You can start with carrots, onions and celery, then add bell pepper. Separately cook meat and or egg. Separately cook quick-cooking vegetables, like sprouts, snap peas, snow peas and water chestnuts. Again, if you overload the pan, things get steamy and mushy.

-Marion Hutchins