Mayonnaise & Green Mayonnaise

Some people don't make mayo because there is a big scare about bacteria in raw eggs. You can get pastueurized eggs, I believe. I am including the recipe for information purposes. You can make the green mayonnaise by adding the herbs to regular store-bought mayonnaise.

I use a small food processor but you might be happy with the stick blender in a narrow container or processor attachment. Some stick blenders come with that accessory.

1 whole egg

1 yolk

1/4 teaspoon dry mustard (or Poupon

if that's what you have)

1/2 teaspoon salt

about a teaspoon vinegar or lemon juice or a combination

about 1 cup oil (safflower, canola, corn oil, light olive oil whatever)

Whiz the egg and yolk in the food processor until light, add oil in a tiny stream as the processor spins, never adding too much at a time. This allows the eggs to absorb the oil without separating. If it’s getting too stiff, stop with the oil. Then add the other ingredients, adjust seasoning. Add more oil if it seems too loose. (You can add the lemon juice/vinegar, salt and mustard any time, really. Adjust amounts to taste.

Green Mayonnaise:

Great with crudite (fresh vegetable appetizer) or for sandwiches, fish and cold meats.

Chop until very fine in a food processor:

About a tablespoon each of trimmed: fresh parsley, thyme, oregano, marjoram, chives, a little tarragon, sage or whatever fresh herbs are available.

A clove of fresh garlic a little piece of frozen spinach squeezed dry in a towel for added color. (Optional)

Add to mayonnaise, taste for salt, add more lemon juice or vinegar to taste. You can dilute with cream and/or vinegar for a great salad dressing.