New Potatoes Three Ways

These are called creamer potatoes sometimes. They are the small red skinned ones. I try to get the really little ones.

Small red potatoes or any small smooth skinned potatoes

Olive oil or butter or milk for mashed method



Method One, Boiled:

boil/simmer in salted water until tender but not for too long or they will fall apart. About

20 minutes.

Cut into chunks, with or without the skins. If you choose to peel them, do it while they are still hot or the skins will be very difficult

Add plenty of chopped parsley and butter. Salt to taste. Try other herbs, either fresh or dried.

Method Two, Roasted:

Roast in a shallow pan with plenty of salt, olive oil and dried herbs. (Mixed Italian herbs: oregano, thyme, marjoram etc.) This is the first step in making a great potato salad. To the roasted potatoes add lots of mayo, chopped green onion and Dijon mustard. Chill.

Method Three, Mashed:

Amanda likes them mashed with skins on in the usual way with milk, butter, salt and parsley.

Leftovers boiled or roasted are good for potato salad or cottage fries.