Fresh Green Pea Soup

Not really fresh as I use frozen peas, but not like split pea soup which is made from dried peas.

Makes 2 or 3 servings. Can easily doubled.

1 package frozen peas (I use Birdseye)

1 can Campbell’s chicken broth

1/2 cup or so heavy cream or half & half

Dash of garlic powder

Boil peas in chicken broth for about 8 to 10 minutes. Put in blender and blend until pretty smooth, a minute or 2. Then strain, or better, run through a food mill to remove the pea shell pulp. Return to pan, reheat and add cream or half and half and garlic powder. Taste for seasoning.

Note: I’ve tried adding various herbs and seasonings, but found it was best without embellishment. Also, this didn’t seem to need to be strained when I first started making it, but progress in agriculture seems to have created “tough” peas. Weird. It might be better to cook the peas in water without salt. I understand that salt can make peas and beans tougher.