CookQuest is a collection of recipes and techniques gathered over generations and many years of contemporary culinary experience. It is the best of home cooking, plain and fancy. I have included very basic recipes and methods as the original book was intended as a resource for a beginner. I also have included more advanced recipes. And because we share our best and happiest times over meals, we have included contributions from friends as well. The web edition has some corrections to the original text and many added recipes and updates. You are free to use and enjoy the recipes presented here and I welcome your feedback and contributions. This site has become a collaboration with my daughter so her recipes have a digital home too. 

Thanks for your interest.



Please respect the copyright. The content of this site is free for personal use. I ask that if you wish to use the text, photographs or illustrations for any public purpose, that you contact me first. This is the on line version of The Friends and Family Cookbook©, first edition, published June 11, 2000; edited by Kate Bates and Illustrated by Sara Gump.

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